Santa’s Face Painting Elf

One of my Favorite Face Painting was “Turning on the Christmas Lights in Downtown Denver.”  I have my Santa apron on, red and white pointy shoes, a green ribbon crown and lots of shimmery glitter on my face. I am inside my clients business Painting little kids and I see a little girl about 7 years old Absolutely Giddy. In the corner of my eye, I see her dancing in her spot, eyes twinkling dressed in her red and green outfit. I honestly thought she was excited to be getting her face painted. Finally, this little girl was next, she just looked at me with AWWW. Standing next to me, she looked straight in my eyes and asked me, ” Are you Santa’s Elf❣❣???” YES, this little girl truly believed I was Face Painting for Santa!!! I looked up at Mom to see how far we take this, she gave me a BIG Nod yes and a wink 😉
My reply, “Yes, yes I am Santas Elf” she jumped up and down and said, “I knew it, I knew it❣❣❣
Bringing JOY to kids during the Holiday Season gives me an extra sense of purpose and Excitement. It’s a Magical time for Kids, young and old and when I am able to let one little girl, just for a moment believe that I am an Elf for Santa, By Golly, I am going to play along.
Denver Parade of Lights
Colorado Face Painter
Parade of lights