Face and body painting certainly does spark a fair bit of curiosity!

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you understand what we do a little better:

What type of paint do I use?

We use the best quality Pro products including FDA compliant face paints and cosmetic glitters from professional brands such as Wolfe FX, Diamond FX, TAG, Fab, Paradise, Kryolan and Amerikan Body Art Glitter. We do NOT use craft paints or craft glitters.

Why hire Artist Chawna Bolinger?

You will want to hire an Artist that will captivate YOU with their art and who will make your occasion remarkable. The only method a good face painter can do that is by making your guests feel great and producing an awesome face design that will leave everyone with enduring impressions.

Chawna’s Face Painting for FUN brings the FUN to YOU.

How much for baby bump paintings?

In general, baby bump paintings start at $125. This includes up to an hour of painting, and a mini photo shoot of the finished design. Chawna will email you 3-5 Edited digital photos within a day or two of your session. Remember, we can create full body designs for the daring mom.

Will you see my stretchmarks?

That is the beauty of the products we use… they cover like makeup because it is Makeup, water activated makeup. we just use paint brushes to apply it… also, they even cover up tattoos.

How long will it take?

Most designs take around an hour to 1.5 to do, but it depends on the design of course.

And Yes!!! Our Paint is FDA approved and safe for Mom and Baby. Gift certificates are available for

our belly paintings, and make the perfect baby shower gift

How much time will we need for our party?

Chawna’s Face Painting for FUN has a 2-hour minimum booking but you can always call to see if you may need more time. We want to guarantee that we include everyone, Adults love to get painted too, Grandmas, Dads even Uncle Joe.


“The more time allowed per guest, the more detailed and elaborate the designs can be.”

The average design time is about 4 to7 min per design. This includes a unique design with Glitter, Gems, Cluster Bling!