A simple watercolor of roses

A Beautiful Catrina for Dias de los Muertos
Sweet Kitty design
One Stroke Butterfly with rose
Festival Design for the young and young at heart

Looking back to my High School Art Work, I would never of realized that this was the groundwork for  today’s face painting designs I create everyday. I loved Art Class since Kindergarten! There i said it, I was your art enthusiast from day one.  I have coveted a few pieces of art I created over 30 years ago in school. To be honest, I even took Woodshop in HS and built my own cedar chest. Yes, and I still own it. This chest holds my past inside; my first jewelry box, Old sketchbooks, my babies bibs I needle pointed, and a few paintings I never finished.

Looking at this watercolor, I see all of mistakes and beauty on this piece of paper. Today, I paint faces, fast and furious.  When I am painting a little ones face, I need to create a piece of art in an Amazingly short amount of time. There is no coming back, pondering what I should do, I need to think on me feet and create a design for the person sitting in my chair. here are a few examples of   onestroke roses I incorporate into my designs. Some are quick and simple and other are quite elaborate, but ultimately, these roses began 30+ years ago.

I honestly did not realize my artistic path would lead me to here. Owning my own business, creating beautiful art  and making unexpected new friends. Life is more than a journey, show your Creative side; it can be as simple as singing to your children, taking up music lessons or picking up that paint brush.